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You've found great talent and now it's time for the background screening process.  ConnectForce understands how critical the impression a screening process is on an employee's first impression of your organization.  Ask your background screening provider if they are using ConnectForce for the Academic and Employment verifications.  If they aren't ask them why?

Gaining employee feedback is vital to the long term success of any organization.  By partnering with ConnectForce, we can poll your employee base and capture meaningful intelligence about their perspectives.  From reactions to major change to insights for corporate improvement, let ConnectForce help your company truly take advantage the minds of the masses.

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Let's put the Human back in Human Resources.  From contacting possible job candidates to taking whistleblower or anonymous calls, ConnectForce can work with your HR team to design inbound and outbound contact strategies to extend the reach of your HR department.  Call us today to discuss how we can help you improve your employee engagement experience.

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Sure you can use impersonal surveys and risk missing critical feedback to improve the employee experience. With ConnectForce, our experienced team members have meaningful discussions with your former employees without any bias.  You get honest feedback and the real "why" behind their departure.

Verifications Calls

Want to really make an impression on a new employee.  Let ConnectForce place 1 or more welcome calls to your new hires during the on-boarding process.  We can answer their questions, ensure all the right documentation is completed, and show them how important they are to your organization.

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